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Originally Posted by Jamie Z View Post
I've never really been a fan of points, despite my tongue-in-cheek joke about an your ADV sticker in the OP. I did look at a number of other photo tag games around the country before I posted this one to see how it worked, or what didn't.

Of course I'm open to input too, but so far it seems that the tags in this game have already been fairly competitive, at least within a small group of folks. What I'd like is to get more people and people from farther away more involved. I could be wrong, but it seems like keeping a tally could discourage new and casual participants because after a while they wouldn't have a chance to catch up.

Points may also have the detrimental affect of encouraging quantity over quality. I've seen that happen in geocaching as people rush to get their find count higher and higher. A disproportionate number of new geocaches are places in really dumb places just so people can find them fast and easy and get another point on their find total.

Posting a collage as I've done is intended to encourage people to want to see their own photos and photos of interesting places. Even a new guy will get his photo in the collage--though I can already see that very soon the pictures will become too small to be recognizable. I'll have to come up with a solution for that.

I've also thought of making a map; sort of a tracklog of the places the tag has been. That might require too much bookkeeping though.

If someone wants to make a case for keeping a point tally, I'll listen.

Your the OP...sounds like valid points to me! Your right its still fun as is...Suggestion is withdrawn
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