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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
It don't work!!!

hooked up the plugs and such from burnsmoto and the swith does indeed deactivate the ABS while moving... no problem there!

however... to reactivate you cannot just flip the switch back on (tested standing still and rolling)... you have to turn the bike off, flip switch, then turn bike back on.

I even tried to restart ABS by rolling to a stop and holding the ABS button... still nothing...


If I were in charge of the programming effort for the ABS system I would have written the code the same way ... (BTW there's little chance of that I would be put in charge ... )

Anyway ... It would have been my preference to do the same: Once an ABS system failure is detected and the system is deactivated under power (which is what the switch accomplishes) I would indeed required the system to go through the POST (Power On Self Test) sequence and then the standard "rolling start" recalibration in order to be reasonably assured that whatever system fault previously detected had indeed been cleared and that a reactivation was safe and warranted.

Under no circumstances would I allow the system to be re-activated with the bike running and possibly in motion. Too many lawyers waiting for a chance to sue my ass clean off...

I would speculate that that what you have done is the best that can be done outside of BMW's development labs; and it's a very clever thing you have accomplished!
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