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Originally Posted by c2c4c View Post
I realize it's only 1" more than stock rim diameter, so half of that comes to 1/2", but I wasn't sure if the tires made a difference as well or if they were the same height as 17" options.

If an 18" rear wheel really raises it 1", that could make a big difference for me. Right now I feel like I am sliding backward at freeway speeds (wind is a factor, but the bike is squatting a good bit with me on it). My hands start to get tired after 10 or 15 miles because I am holding myself up toward the front of the bike rather than just sitting in place.

I'm gonna install raising links and a stiff rear spring first and see what happens from there.
Hi c2c4c,

I measured to the top of the rear rack, with a mefo explorer 17" and the 18" which has a 140/80-18, the difference was 1" exactly.

cheers, matt
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