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Originally Posted by Speed Daddy View Post
There are 2 half round straps each side of the stem (1 top & bottom both sides)

There is one bolt connecting the bottom staps that passes behind the coolant need to shave a bit of plastic off the lug to get bolt through...but hardly any) the top staps bolt on to the existing frame brackets either side of the ignition.

Apart from the two side brackets (which also support the indicators) The fairing is connected with 2 qwick lock fasteners to the dash. which is bolted to a flat plate bracket above the headlight.

All works pretty well and takes less than 5mins to remove the fairing. it is fiddly getting it sorted but the stem bracket is rock solid which is the key.

This bloke uses a stainless strap on his which I tried copying but couldn't get to work

If you need anything more let me know happy to take some more/clearer pictures for you if that helps.
I appreciate it. It looks like I am going to be off bikes for a while so I may dive into a project like this for my 690. I am surprised that the headlight housing is strong enough to triangulate the mounts and support the fairing. When I get well I am going to look at street bikes at dealers to see how they are mounted.

I wish I had one of those Baja race lights to look at. I would love to build the fairing around that.
Your cycle had a bell on it.
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