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Re: KEVA MOTOR Husaberg FE 450 Rallye bikes...

Originally Posted by Cruz
Troy, are you guys running oil coolers at all or bigger oil tanks?

No... not on the enduro bikes... for the (cooler) swedish conditions...
Charlie just does just the normal oil/filter changes and service as recommended in the book for general trail work...

But (on the Rallye 450's) after the TUAREG Rallye in Marocco (it was up to 40 degrees a couple days, and 400 km days in rocky/dusty/sandy conditions)
we consider something along those lines for the future.

Actually it is an idea I've had since we got the FORCE sumpguard/water tanks for them; to use the three liter water tank
as an oil reservior and couple the original oil filter cassette to an extra external pump/filter (in the toolbox compartment)
and oil cooler (as part of the LHS radiator), before dumping it back in the reservior:
Weight nice and low, compact/robust design and easy to remove/work on...

But one thing we did find (in the slower going/technical rocky bits/deep sand) on the TUAREG that the route
of the stock exhaust header pipe quickly boiled the 3 liter content of the alloy sumpguard/water tank and the
rising heat from this contributed significantly to the running temp of the motor (we boiled the radiators on a
couple occassions - despite running the auxilliary el-fan on the RHS rdaiator in a "permanent on" configuration).

So it would seem that having the oiltank in this position AND retaining the stock header pipe design...
would be counterproductive to the whole idea?

But (with relation to some new front/rear fuel tank designs that are being worked on) there is the option
however to go over to a low style rallye exhaust,

This is Team Rally Raid Sweden inmate (Åmme) and his 570 FE rallye kitted 'Berg... with a low rally exhaust system.

In this case get the "heat source" away from the sumpguard... and this confuguration (for a rallye bike) could be a good one,
with the extra oil reservior and pump/filter mounted in the way I mentioned down low.

PS: if anyone is interested... the two KEVA MOTOR FE 450 Rallye Husa's are for sale...
Both bikes have been given a full service and inspection at the workshop since returning
after the TUAREG (2500 km) and have a total of 3250 km's on them since new.
I will put an ad in the "flea market" here at ADV with more info....

if anyone is (genuinely) interested you can PM me for details.


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