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Originally Posted by Fronnzy View Post
This one is dumb, really dumb, especially since it's been going on a while.

Does the filler neck on the GS800 trip the automatic shut-off on a fuel nozzle when the tank is nearly full?

I have been filling like a sissy since I got this bike. I fill, check, fill, check. Then, when it's getting close to the bottom of the filler neck, I turn the fuel nozzle sideways to see better and squeeze one little drippy-drop of fuel after another until it's full. I have been doing this to avoid a feared, potential spill over onto the paint and seat. Crazy right. I can't believe I am doing this. (My DR didn't always trip the nozzle and I would end up with gas all over the place.)

Can I just fill away, full tilt, without fear of spilling?

(This felt oddly like sharing in a group therapy session.)

You pretty much described how I do it. Mine does shut off the pump, but it seems to launch a few ounces of fuel out all over the place just before it kills it. I know of some people that have removed that red plastic thing on the inside, i haven't bothered with it yet, hasn't been that big of an inconvenience for me to worry about.

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