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Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
well now, finally some damn pictures! this is what I have been waiting for!

ooops, you probably want pics from me.

Hell, this thread is goin good without me fuckin it all up....

Im in Slovenia now, free wifi at McD's. I was headed to Serbia but this morning I learned of a biker party this weekend on the coast of Croatia.
I have never been to a Croatian biker party.
I will remedy that!

Then I'll ride across Bosnia, as I havent been thru the middle of there yet.

And THEN to Serbia.

Carry on.....

OK, now we are rolling. Keep em coming Doug, keep em coming....

By the way, have my 22 year daughter, 20 year old son, and 18 year old son logging in daily as well. They always use your best shots as screen savers (especially the field of flowers, and your stuff from Iraq).

Go Doug, go.
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