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Originally Posted by JayBo1 View Post
So, JMo, Beano et al, have you watched the full video of the 450RR desert playing in Dubai? I think all the "stills" that have been dragged through the "fake!" and "photo-shopped!" claims are available by freezing the full video at the relevant points. The cactus that has been claimed as not existing in the Dubai desert is clear in the video. The 450RR flying above the dirt bike is clear. The full jump from dune to dune, ie without a "ramp", is clear. It's entirely possible that the riders have swapped bikes, but the jumps look pretty real to me and lose nothing in their spectacular-nous just because "maybe" the riders weren't actually the ones we are led to believe.

It's sad when "reality" can be so incredible that we discredit it as technology playing with us and thereby miss out on something special. I remember seeing (photo-shopped) pictures of dirt bikes flying upside-down many years ago ... and then Travis did the back-flip!

Is the video a fake? Is that why it took so long to appear, it took a long time to piece it together with "video-shop"?
I watched the original video (which didn't show those particular jumps) but have to admit the version in the link above does have the scenes that the stills seem to be taken from (albeit from a slightly different perspective as I imagine it was a different [stills] photographer) - I also had an email from a chap who owns the copyright who said they weren't faked...

Personally I never doubted that Marc Coma couldn't jump a bike like that (although I have to say the flick-flack is not his style), rather the images looked manipulated, and indeed some of the perspectives looked wrong - but that could have just been the angle they were taken from...

I'm prepared to concede they are legitimate, even if ironically they look like they were fabricated!

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