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Packing it up

After running around the midwest to visit family in Iowa and Missouri and to drop off a few important possessions (we sold the house and most everything inside of it), we are finally ready to hit the road!

Our Packing List includes:

1 pair of jeans (Gap)
1 pair of brown nylon pants that I hope don't look too safari-like (North Face)
1 pair of board shorts (Roxy)
1 pair of running shorts (Nike)
1 skirt (Prana)
2 tank tops (Icebreaker, Mossimo)
3 short sleeve shirts (New Balance for riding 100% polyester, American Apparel t-shirt is cotton blend, Ex Officio nicer short sleeve is non-cotton blend)
1 merino wool sweater (Smartwool)
1 longsleeve baselayer that will will look fine by itself (Smartwool)
1 baselayer pants (Under Armour)
2 bras (Under Armour &
3 pairs of underwear (1 Under Armour & 2 Ex Officio)
1 quick dry towel (REI)
1 lightweight rain pants (Sierra Designs)
1 pair flip flops (Chaco)
1 pair casual shoes (New Balance)
1 stocking cap (Alpine Designs)
1 swimsuit (Mossimo)
1 belt
2 pair short socks
1 pair ski socks for riding

1 pair khakis (Royal Robbin)
1 pair jeans
1 pair board shorts (Quicksilver)
3 pair boxers (Ex Officio)
3 t-shirts (polyester t-shirt REI & Columbia, marino wool Icebreaker)
1 nicer t-shirt (Prana)
1 button up shirt (North Face)
1 marino wool sweater
1 longsleeve baselayer (Smartwool)
1 baselayer pants (Hot Chillys)
1 quick dry towel (REI)
1 pair short socks
1 pair ski socks for riding
1 pair thin socks for riding
1 pair flip flops (Reef)
1 pair casual shoes (Saucony)
1 stocking cap
Mike's sister and brother in law gave us some awesome Marmot compression bags we are going to pack all our clothes in and put in the saddle bags.

We are planning on doing as much camping as possible on our trip partly to save money and partly because we enjoy it. Here are the things we are going to bring to camp with:

1 Big Agnes 0 degree bag (Jill)
1 Lafuma 30 degree bag (Mike)
2 Big Agnes sleeping pads
1 Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight tent
1 double hammock
1 cook set that includes a pot to cook in, sporks, knive/spatula and bowls, a gas cannister, and the "stove" by MSR
Water Purifiers: Microfilter and a UV Steripen

Somehow, we got most all of it to fit in the case that will go on the back of the bike.

We didn't get a good list of the spare parts and tools (mostly because Mike was in charge of this aspect instead of Jill), but in the engine guard bags and 2 tool tubes we have a limited assortment of tools, an extra tube, JB Weld, loctite, spare clutch cable, spare CDI unit, straps, zip ties, tire pump, etc. I'm sure you, will learn more about what we do have, and more about what we don't have but should have as we get down the road...

EDIT: Updated list of tools and spares, along with equipment thoughts/review can be found at post #187
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