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Originally Posted by g7s6 View Post
I have been riding since the age of 16; Mostly one version or another of a BMW GS. I, like most riders I know, am safe, conscientious, and prudent. I am also a daily rider 14,000 miles a year or so in the Pacific Northwest area. One of my close friends and fellow rider was just killed, while riding, by a driver who ran a red light. He was also safe, cautious, and in town 5 blocks from home. The news link is pasted below.

Have any of you ever seriously thought of giving up riding or actually done so? I would like to hear from some others who have gone through this. Thanks in advance.
Wow, read the article . . . . . . Very sad indeed. May he RIP.

Condolences to all.

Wow, hits close to home.

Well I didn't ride from the time I was 25 years old until the time I was 36.

This was mainly due to an alternative lifestyle - living overseas.

Sad first post.

Every inmate here (ADV) takes their chances out on the road.

Yes, it's something you'll need to seriously consider and only you can make that call.
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