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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Originally Posted by Safariaddict
Is there a better way to do the maps instead of using paper scrolls, ie a digitial display.

... any electronic geeks want to give it a shot?
The Tripy is a fully electronic roadbook device ( They've used it in the assistance vehicles in Dakar.

I'm working on a device that will provide some interesting related features, though it's not exactly an electronic roadbook as you described. This is not just for rally racing, but for other forms of racing as well, particularly USA & Mexico desert racing. For motos, there will be no screen (keeps cost, size, and complexity down and reliability up). It will be roughly the size of a common handheld GPS unit. Here are a few things I'd like include, though certain features would likely be disabled depending on the type of race:
- Audio course notes (i.e. roadbook in your ear). This could reduce or eliminate the need to look down at odometer, roadbook, roll chart, gps, speedometer, heading repeater, etc.
- Smart automatic pass alert (super intelligent Sentlnel type function without the need form manual triggering), great for dusty conditions and for those times when unfriendly car drivers pass motos.
- Near speed limit and over speed limit alerts (with internal recording of violations).
- Off course alert.
- Hard impact detection and auto alert to race officials and all nearby race vehicles.
- GPS recorder, stores GPS track so officials can check after the race for course cutting.
- Nearby vehicle tracking (like a radar with maybe 1km radius), recorded every 1 second in your unit. This is for later slow-motion or accelerated playback over a map background on your home computer, after the race, to see where you were and how you moved relative to others around you.
- Live tracking on the internet (similar to Irltrack or SPOT), updated every few minutes.
- For smaller "loop" races (typical USA 100mi to 300mi desert or enduro race), live trackside tracking with 1 second updates. Utilizes a separate device for crew, spectators, and officials, with color display screen and map or terrain background, to "watch" the race via live 1 second tracking, showing dots moving on the screen as the vehicles move on the race course.
- Runs on internal battery for 1-day event, or 48 hrs with small attached aux battery, or unlimited time with attached 12V vehicle supply. This allows non-rally bikes (those without 12V battery) to use it for shorter events, and rally bikes to use it for longer events.
- Heading repeater NMEA output, for Tony!
- Additional features and attachments for cars, since they don't have the tight space and weight concerns that motos have.

The idea here is to combine useful features currently available on multiple existing units, and add valuable features never before available, into a single small lightweight rugged device that would be practical for mounting on motos or cars. I'm open to new ideas and suggestions!
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