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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
The idea here is to combine useful features currently available on multiple existing units, and add valuable features never before available, into a single small lightweight rugged device that would be practical for mounting on motos or cars. I'm open to new ideas and suggestions!
There are some super smart ideas there. A super powerful Tripy +++
What I have to say is that I always thought Digital Road books were a good idea. Yes the data in digital format is fragile and needs to be protected and yaddy yadda but there are ways of dealing with that, just the right thought process needs to be applied.

Paper books for road book purists, it is all ok, but you and I both have printed them and know the challenges for a regular guy to produce and distribute them and also know the benefits a rally driver has when the co-driver is reading notes. (I think having a screen to review notes when lost is a good idea, even if not reading visually on the fly)

I always thought that since we have all sorts of electro trickery time was right for some serious development on this end especially with all the devices around now that have pushed screen and processor tech to new heights. Then I saw tripy and its cool but could be even cooler.
I like your thinking and I am others would.
We need more out of the box thinking everywhere.

Just saying, my 2 cents are not worth a whole lot.
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