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I am 51 I started at 14 Dirt, KZ900 up to cross country touring on a GL 1100 it was my main transportation for five years vary rarely drove my car.
I was working as a cook at a resort in Florida early morning shift left at 2:30 am to get to work by 4:00 am, dark two lane country roads for miles then interstate to work.

Came close to getting run off the road by drunks Saturday mornings, armadillos and deer on the side of the road stuff.
Then one week I was having a scary illusive dream every night a Deer just shows up in the head lights and I see myself going black and I would wake up, now I have had a dream with the front tire completely having a violent blow out at 85 Mph but this one stuck that on the third night I just drove my car.
I arrived at the employee parking lot to see a co workers car parked spewing antifreeze, front grill completely caved in and the windshield all cracked covered in blood!
The story was he was on the same road I drove my Gold Wing every morning but he was the one who hit the deer head on, he was lucky to be alive I stopped riding bikes that was in 1987!
Did I miss riding Hell yes, and after 23 years I got back on?
I am stating that I could not get over the dream and the accident the same road the same week, but now I realize I missed riding and will never fear what we can’t control.
Do I regret it yes but it was what it was?
Take a small break keep your bike and chill, you will want to ride again I don’t know what it would be to lose a friend in an instant I can only express my prayers and condolences to you and his family it is totally up to you to decide.
Life is short and we have no control over it if reincarnation is true we will come back a smarter being but I’m not betting on it.
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