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Laugh Here's a 1988 with 166,982 miles on it

She's wearing Hayes Diversified new take-off body work that has spent a few years riding around in the South Carolina sun... where do I start?

Mikuni TM41mm ProSeries flatslide carb w/stock location choke via custom cable; Magura Duo314 quick throttle w/custom cable; Megacycle x5 Camshafts w/KACR; R&D valve springs w/titanium tops shim/over type; Cylinder head mild porting & polished exhaust; custom Kibblewhite stainless steel valves; intake manifold spacer for float bowl/starter motor clearance; stock airbox w/modified openings & airbox/carb boot; K&N prefilter & K&N gauze-type filter; OEM kickstarter option; 3/5 Barnett HD clutch springs; KLR600 muffler; K&N air/fuel ratio monitor w/sensor bung welded to header; ]Magura Jack hydraulic clutch w/custom line & slave cylinder bracket[/URL], spiral metal heat guard, running 2.5wt suspension fluid; Lindemann custom fork springs; RaceTech Gold Valve emulators; custom Fox Twin-Clicker rear shock w/remote resorvoir; Tengai rear caliper carrier & disc protectors; DR650 serrated footpegs on stock welded-to-frame brackets; FZR1000 front turn signals; '88 FZR1000 dual headlight bucket w/custom carrier, relay-protected wiring harness & PIAA Intense White H4 bulbs; Euro headlight switch assembly; FIAMM dual horns w/relay-protection; Renthal Desert CR bars w/ 3/4" removed each end; Maier WoodsPro heavy duty full metal barkbusters; Maier large handguard/cups; EBC 320mm full floater front brake disc; ZX600A3 front brake master cylinder; ZX750A4 BACR-front brake caliper; custom stainless steel brake lines front & rear; 80-LED rear brake/running light bar under luggage rack; 32-LED 1157 rear bulb; Napoleon LH mirror short stem on KLR600 mirror bracket; ScotOiler w/dual-injector mounted in place of LH starter motor solenoid/bracket; redundant wiring & cables ziptied in place for easy trail or road-side replacement; 2RS bearings throughout; FT500 Ascot rear turn signals; unknown brand saddlebag guards in picture now hanging on the wall; Moose bash plate; stupid footpeg-equipped "engine protector" off the bike- a real p-o-s bent into my radiator hose and almost cut it when we fell at 0mph on hydraulic fluid at a stop sign- needs triangulation the square-tubing just kinks (hey it was free); Eagle Mike doohickey & torsion spring; custom 350w stator; Accel HT lead; Electrosport HD regulator/rectifier in custom location; custom engine mount plates & brackets; through-bolts on luggage rack (but not sub-frame!); Renthal RS4 chain w/rivet clip currently geared -1front +3rear running D606 DOT knobbies front & rear (D607s on in this photo w/+1front) An important addition: I used the internals from a ZX600A1 petcock in mine- now I have on, reserve and the all-important PRIME so I don't kill the battery sucking the fuel valve diaphragm back when I run out of gas... and we know how fast singles run out of gas, don't we?

She has worn ProCircuit 496s & a SuperTrapp w/19discs before- great power, just too loud for my liking as I've gotten older, now with the KLR600 muffler the bike is SO quiet I can sneak around at night and no-one's the wiser With the SuperTrapp & exhaust gas analysis I was able to double my stock horsepower and gained almost a 3rd more torque on Factory Racing's Mustang eddy-flow dyno in San Rafael California (thanks Marc!)

She's seen 122mph on flat ground many times (verified off other bikes), now I have a KTM950 Adventure for all that foolishness and max out just over 90 with the lower gearing

All in all the best bike I've ever owned, and has taken me more places and helped me do things I could never have done on another bike.

When my first doohickey failed in 1991, there wasn't even a nickname for this part. The cam chain jumped timing so it came apart @ 18,751 and that is when ALL the engine work was done (by me) with the exception of the 3-angle valve job by Mike Crowther of Engine Dynamics fame on a then-state of the art SERDI Valve Machine (I would eventually work for him years later). I went ahead and put a +0.5mm (1st over) OEM piston as I could get dealer prices back then.

I DON'T use or believe in the PCV valve "fix" (see my "Hoax" post) and she doesn't use oil, period. Having spent thousands of hours in the saddle brings confidence and I ride this thing hard all the time, unless I'm in stealth mode which usually means in a park illegally at night.

I have gotten as high as 57mpg when cruising on the slab... I have a universal windscreen that clamps to the handlebars and attaches in seconds and a throttle lock for making time easy...

This bike has run from the police (successfully 100%) 64 times and been crashed more times than I can remember. I looped a wheelie @ 60mph right after I put the carb on and was running rich- it cartwheeled down the street like it was in a Hollywood action flick- when it was over, I folded out the pegs and rode her home. Try that on a sportbike!

I've ridden cross-country, done Cal24hrs, Nevada1100 & Utah1000 on her, ridden in snow, sand, ice, across rivers and up creeks. I've dualsported her with knobs to the top of 14 states... couriered, Sunday Morning Ride (the original in SF CA), roadraced, barrel raced, track dayed, and taken some girls for the ride of their lives (thanks for being such a good passenger mount, adds to their confidence too)

I know when I get on stock KLRs (any year) I don't like how they feel and can't see how people can own one without modding the hell out of them- mine just fits me SO well now, so well planted

Speaking of I forgot the Fox Twin Clicker is off and a White Power fully adjustable is on her now, so much more compliance offroad as I had the Fox setup for hard, fast street riding in Northern California

she's no garage queen and I wear every scar and dirt with the pride of having been somewhere the guys in the SUVs & Jeeps haven't, and while putting myself at real risk

'06 KTM 950 Adv 'S'
'03 KTM 250 EXC
'87 KLR650 - <200K miles "Like the Energizer Bunny, just keeps going & going..."

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