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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Update and Assembly report.

If you haven't been checking in over the past couple of weeks, here's a recap and update.

Originally, boards were to be delivered the first week of April. Assembly would begin after that, and finished IICE are would start shipping on April 23. (Yes I know, that's a Saturday. The Post Office is open Saturdays.)

Due to a problem with the original board vendor, that did not happen. I sourced nearby service providers, and over the last several weeks got PCB panels built locally.

The last of the parts are arriving in the next couple of days. Why just now are parts getting here? Good question. :-) These were things I would have been doing instead of organizing getting the boards built.

I'm planning to start assembly as early as Wednesday the 11th. I'll post up some pics so you can check out what's going on!

It's almost Post Time.

Thanks for the informative update.
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