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Originally Posted by TINK View Post
Am I the only one that finds it amazing that I can walk into my local BMW dealer and give them a list of rubber parts for a 32 year old motorcycle and the parts guy says “Yep, we got everything in stock”. Only BMW would be so loyal to its brand that they would continue to support a THIRTY TWO YEAR OLD motorcycle design. Now that’s nothing short of amazing.
I remember when you could do that with Brand H as well.

It's one of the big reason, even though I'm the first to gripe about the cost
That I still have airheads in my garage.

When I was rebuilding my GS I was shocked to find that I could get a new wiring harness.

I was even more shocked to find that it's was made the same year I bought it.

Meaning that not only was BMW willing to stock parts for 18 year bikes, but they were still making (Or having made) parts for 18 year old bikes.
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