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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Following on from what Troy has said, the main reason the roadbook is still on paper is that it is a great leveler - it is the same for everyone - if the data was digital, then it could be manipulated in different ways using different devices, whether approved by the organization or not?

For example, if it was a download, the support teams could also utilise it, scan the whole roadbook very quickly, map it out on a screen, look for short-cuts etc etc. I'm not saying anyone would cheat, just use it to their 'advantage' ahem.

Fundamentally though, a paper roll is a failsafe - if the motor/power packs up, you can at least wind it forward manually.

Also, it is very easy to make adjustments to the info with a pen and scissors - not just at the briefing the night before, but also during the day itself mid-stage for example, where the route may have to be amended due to an accident or washed out river for example?

As for linking it to the ICO and GPS - a fundamental part of a rally is the navigation, and the pilot's ability to process and manipulate the data they receive from the different instruments (it's not just about who is fastest over the ground!) - getting the nav gear to do it for you takes away that fundamental element?

However, regarding the auto-correct or 'bump' facility Troy suggests - if you use the new generation Speedocap display (combined speed/trip/compass heading) in conjunction with the organization's GPS, then the trip element of the Speedocap does reset itself to what it 'should' be, every time you pass a waypoint in the GPS' memory.

As long as you don't go wrong from the roadbook (and thus need to reset manually back and forth on the fly), it is a very accurate trip meter - so much so that Si Pavey did bother with a regular ICO this year in the Dakar (although he did have a Trail Tech Vapor fitted as a back up), and simply relied on the trip data from the Speedocap...

Well I for one hope that it NEVER goes electronic. I like the challenge of having to navigate in the old fashioned sense. This is why I enjoy rally riding so much.
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