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I'm screwed....

OK... After relieving some stress by changing some tires and downing a few rum and cokes, I get to checking the alternator. My battery is still charging three hours later (on the junior tender)... totally screwed.

Here is a quick summary with pictures to back it up in case my method is off...

If you look at the connector (picture 2) I call the left wire "1", middle "2" and right "3".

Resistance between the wires, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3 all come to about 0.2 or 0.3 ohms.

When the bike is running at 3k RPM here are the values for AC voltage:

1-2: 8.7V
1-3: 1.9V
2-3: 12.4V

At idle the voltages were about 10% lower.

Could someone please duplicate this on their functional bike as a control? I would like to compare values...

So this is where I access the plug:

I think this is the plug circled in red:

I can get my probes in contact without disconnecting the plug like this:

Here is the typical resistance measurement when the bike is off:

This is how I measured the AC voltage, this is 1-2... (1-3 was 1.9V, 2-3 was 12.4V).

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