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I like roll charts, I have a few tupperware models myself.
That is real navigation, none of this motor powered, back lit, alloy encased trickery that pansies use. Twist it by hand baby that is what real men do.

Purists I tell ya...
Nobody is talking about getting rid of it have your printed books even if it is for bling alone and have all your masochistic/macho paper fun.
This is just for those who like to improve things and consider progress a good thing.

I have done my share of navigating from pace notes in both roll and sheet from. I have made my own notes for a bunch of routes I drive and ride and have been doing so since I was a kid. I was drawing tulips before I even knew what they were called. None of this matters though as this experience left me with these conclusions;

taping things together = sucks (though it is slightly more tolerable when a whole host of other poor tired souls are doing it at the same at the time)
cleaning rolling mechanisms = sucks (unless you are in your garage and have all the time in the world)
printing chart books = sucks mostly (unless you like print in general but even then it wears off)
making corrections with pen = pretty cool as long as you can see what you are doing and make the right ones
being able to hear notes = pretty cool (ask any rally car driver and compare the pace they run)
plotting a route = awesome (even better when you can do it digitally, save and share it, and make mods on the fly)

Remember some cars had devices that improved the ease of navigation
and they were banned from dakar. It sure wasn't because they were crap.
There are obvious advantages there, if the field was level why not?

Hogwild is proposing a device with some serious thought put into it. Would you guys ignore a rally because it doesn't use paper, eventhough the notes are paced? ...........Really???

Challenge here is navigating by pace notes at speed not so much how those notes are delivered. There is the issue of efficiency that is being addressed. How the data from chart is communicated to the driver/rider.
The road book has been progressing for 20 years there is no reason for that to stop.

Purists also thought having 450s in the dakar would suck balls
and end up in an apocalypse of motor parts strewn across the desert and
riders baking in the sun cursing the ASO name (well this part happens anyways) by the hundreds, while being plucked at by vultures. is a pain isn't it

Now I am going to go fire up my old dynaTAC because it has no speed dial
and I really like dialing numbers. That is how real cell phoners phone.

and I still love ya'll
my mini ride reports
"parts made of unobtanium"
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