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Originally Posted by TourPros View Post
If your not spraying today and feel like a quick ride I though the house coming back into town with all the pretty colors would have been an awsome shot for Ladybug. So I am trying to change my ways of just and gonna make a point to start stopping to smell the flowers or at least take a pic here and there
Would love to go for a ride but after goofing off all weekend I'm playing catch up with a few things around the orchard plus my son has a Lacrosse game in PDX this afternoon that I'm going to.

As for "changing your ways" don't do for anyone else other than yourself! Life is too short and of all people you should know that.... I thought you just went fast due to that air cooled engine of yours! Now if you had one of those new fangled water cooled thingies you would be set!

All joking aside, flowers do smell gooood, sometimes! And come to think of it that would make one hell of a photo, you smellien flowers!

Maybe Yoga to?!

Okay, I'm going back to work!
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