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I finally got it all buttoned up and the Rostra unit works great. I rode on the interstate a couple of times, the only odd thing was in gusty head winds the unit speeds up and if the wind drops before reaching the set speed then the speed is not very constant but only varies about 3-5 mph. At 75 mph in fairly calm conditions it is smooth up and down hills and when I push the ACCELL button it speeds up 1-2 mph and when I hit the COAST button it slows about the same amount, all in all worth the work. As you can see in the pics I converted my 2009 GSA throttle to a twin cable system using two stock GS cables and the throttle drum from a 1300GT. The unit can be overpowered by pulling the throttle closed. My bike is non ABS and the Rostra unit bolted in the place of the ABS unit on a bracket I made. I ditched the factory cable from the Rostra and made an Aluminum adapter to go from the CC unit to the factory GS cable, I then cut the Bowden box end off the factory cable and welded my own on to achieve the desired inner cable length and fit the Rostra unit. Someone on this thread stated that the three pin plug under the beak contained a VSS signal and they were correct, the blue w/ green stripe worked for the 6400 pulses per mile setting. I did not use the clutch disconnect as I would have needed to add another relay besides the rear brake relay.

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