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HID Install for DR650 - DDM Tuning

HID conversion for DR650
If you’ve ever ridden on a dark, Moonless night with no street lights and little traffic then you may already know the stock DR650 headlight ain’t much good. I recently up graded my ’07 1050 Triumph Tiger with an HID and was very impressed with the result.

For the DR650 I first ordered the 35 watt, H-4, Hi-Lo HID kit from DDM Tuning. This kit indeed has the H-4 bulb but is really set up for a CAR with two headlights. So, basically you get a whole length of harness you can’t use .... and the install is much more complex. The Triumph Tiger has two headlights but with the HID I use only one ... and that’s all I need. So I figured to do the same on the DR650. I sent back the Hi-Lo kit and got the $25 HID single bulb kit.

They refunded my $15 (HI-Lo is $40). The new kit arrived in a couple days and was very straightforward to install on the DR650. You only have one beam ... but so far its a huge improvement over stock. HID bulbs have very long life ... but if one does go down, replacements are $15.

Here is the DR650 headlight with stock light on low beam. High Beam is not great at all ... useless on a very dark road.

I’m not great at tutorials but here goes anyway:
Take off plastic headlight cowl.
This is what it looks like:

Ignore my two brown wires ... they go to my funky headlight switch. Yes, if you ride off road this area may be dirty. Clean it up if you care. Headlight has to come off to get to bulb. 4 bolts (two on each side)

Headlight off, back of headlight. Carefully unplug three prong female from OEM bulb.

Gently peel off rubber cover. Release spring clip and remove OEM bulb. SAVE for back up! (wrap in bubble wrap, put in plastic bag ... DO NOT TOUCH with bare fingers)

Handle the HID carefully! Never touch it with bare fingers or skin ... or greasy rag. Remove from plastic holder it is sent in by twisting clear plastic tube counterclockwise. Thread HID bulb wires through stock Rubber boot dam and through HID kit rubber dam.

You will have to pull through the HID kit power wires as they connect to OEM stock plug outside the headlight shell ... but there are options here.

Carefully install HID bulb into headlight shell. It only goes ONE WAY. Do Not Force. Once the three locating tabs are seated in the slots, lock in spring clip as normal. See above pic.

Slip stock rubber boot along wires and replace back into its position over the shell.

Next, slide the rubber boot up the wires and firmly fit it over the bulb end. It should stay there.

This is what it looks like now. At this point you have to start deciding where to stash the ballast and ignitor. I fitted mine up into the little shelf area in the headlight cowl. But there are options here and plenty of room for creativity. All the plugs on the cables have rubber, water proof gaskets and snap together nicely. THEY CAN ONLY GO ONE WAY ... so hard to screw this part up. Notice the two HOT WIRES (Hot and Ground). These go into the stock three prong headlight plug. You have options on where it can go. I plugged mine in and wrapped the plug up in the vinyl pouch with the rest of the wiring.

Notice only TWO of the three plugs are used .... and they are NOT the same as the stock set up. The good news is plugging in any combo
will not damage unit .... but HID light will only work as shown above.

Here is stock headlight .... low beam.

Here is a before and after of the light against my garage wall. Very unscientific but there it is.

HID @ 5000K, 35 watt bulb. WOW!

HID straight on. I guesstimate about 4 times brighter.

I will update on this, but so far its an improvement. Dealing with the Ignitor/ballast require some careful placement. The pay off here is not only are you getting much brighter lights for cheap, but you're saving 20 watts (approx) over stock set up. On the DR, every watt is precious.
Hope this is a good starter for those thinking of upgrades. I'm sure I've left out a few things ... please chime in with ideas or improvements in the install!

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