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Glacier National Park

We headed out of Denver early in morning in late July, it felt good to get on the road and make some time. We first passed Fort Collins, my old college town, then Cheyenne, then the turn off to good old Glendo Reservoir, and finally it felt like we were out of familiar territory and on our adventure. It was hot and we were pushing hardÖand the wind was pushing back (Wyoming, go figure) but the 34-gallon tank is nice on that Ford, too bad we were only getting 9 miles to the gallon. We kept going and pushed hard all the way to the west end of Glacier, cut up 93 and started hunting for some side roads to find a place to camp. I try to not pay for camping unless absolutely necessary. We found a nice spot off some little dirt road by a couple little ponds after wondering for a bit in the dark and decided to make it home for a couple nights.

Whitefish was a pretty cool little touristy town. They have an awesome ice cream place. I had to try the huckleberry since it is the thing to do and I chose the lemon-dill to compliment it, yea thatís right LEMON DILL, who would have thunkÖbut it was awesome. Tina actually thought it was some of the best ice cream she has ever had. We spent a couple days there taking care of some odds and ends we had to attend to, stopped by the hardware store, and just enjoyed the feeling of being on the road.

Now, Iím not quite sure and donít remember why we headed out so late, I know we took a little time shopping for some hiking pants for me. Before that, I didnít even know they existed but Tina though I needed a pair for the trip. I really donít like buying things other than gas and motorcycle parts but she convinced me; I have to admit they are kind of nice to wear all light and moisture resistant. SoÖback to the point, after finding a pair of hiking pants we headed out 2-up into the park. It was nice to be on the bike and test out the new expensive seat (the other one was on back-order, I called everywhere). But, we soon found a nice place to pull off and walk down to the lake.

We walked around a bit, snapped a couple pictures, and then headed up the Going-to-the-Sun road. By the time we made it to the pass and through the construction the sun was down. It was pretty nice going through that late though, there was not much traffic deal with. We got a few pictures but most didnít turn out due to the lack of light:

Then came decision timeÖ.

By the time we were over the top, it was dark. Before we left that day I looked at the map a bit and roughly calculated the distance to see our options. I knew it would have been quite a few miles if we made a loop of it but for some reason we decided to do it. It was pretty fun at first with some good tight corners, but every mile I felt the temperature drop.

Now I donít know if it is right or not, maybe I should just do what I think is best and that will be that, but I tend to ask Tina for her opinion when we have these types of decisions to make. I try and just give the facts and then at least if it turns out we bit off more than we wanted to chew it is not totally my fault. She can still blame it on me though, that is OK.

This happened the summer before when we were riding here in Colorado and decided to pay for a room in Lake City then take Engineer Pass over to Ouray to sit in the hot springs, only to get rained out and closed down by weather. We went to dinner and thought about our options. We had to decide to either take the soaked pass back in the dark, or the 120 miles around, or buy a second hotel room for the night. Itís funny, the gas station attendant that night said we would see 4 deer on our way back and he was dead on. I have to say; sometimes I donít know how she puts up with me or why she keeps coming back for more.

Either way, back to the story, we had 80 some miles to pound back after we got to the East Village if I remember correctly. It wouldnít have been so bad but we didnít pack correctly and didnít have enough extra layers, even with the hiking pants. Usually Tina can put her arms around my waste, lay her helmet on my back, in-between my shoulder blades, and fall asleep, but we were cold, and she was pissed. Not so much mad at me, but just cold and miserable, but we had to keep moving. OK, maybe she was mad at me at that moment, but we still had to keep moving. We pulled off a couple times and I tried to get her to do some jumping-jacks to warm up, but after some extremely poor jumping jacks, perhaps the worst I have ever seen, and perhaps a few tears we finally made it back to camp around 1:00Ö.oooops.

But everything was good after we got back and the next day and we went for a little hikeÖ.look, she was even smiling:

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