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Originally Posted by SafariBerg View Post
Dos Sertoes is still running this year, it's just not a round of the FIM world championship.............the organisers figured the costs of being FIM far outweighted the benefit, so this year its only a national level event.

FYI Safari was also a FIM round in 2000, 2001, 2002, plus some earlier years, and ditto for the 1 or 2 euro riders it attracted the mega FIM fees were not worth the cost to the event, so it was dropped.................if being FIM meant that 20 EU riders showed up along with say the top boys like Coma, Despres etc then it would be worth it..............BUT FIM always made the series a best results at 5 events out of 6 will count for the final years placing NO incentive for the EU guys to come out
This whole FIM thing seems like an overated old boys club. Maybe we should start our own SANZAR rally version....When we get famous we can also review Marc Coma's application before approving it.
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