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Originally Posted by azgsa View Post
Got the C3 last week and the SRC system last Friday and installed. The C3 fit in a medium seems to be good, not too snug and definitely not too loose. Sat and Sun went on a couple of ~280 mile rides each day and discovered after about 1.5hrs the front of the helmet was leaving an imprint on the top of my forehead area and started to get pretty painful. So about 3 times I tried to locate the hotspot best I could and press in the styrofoam a bit at that place and a little around it. It might be a bit better but I wont know until the next time out... Don't know if there's a best practice for this, I've never had this issue before in a helmet. After wearing it and really liking it (except for the hot sport of course), I am determined to resolve the issue so I can wear it in total comfort.

Any advice?
We often have to smoosh the Styrofoam liners of helmets when installing headsets for customers. We use the rounded end of a screwdriver handle. You can get good leverage with that and can probably get 1-2mm of compression with this method - probably enough to relieve the hot spot.
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