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Originally Posted by WoodWorks View Post
And you wonder why you keep getting abuse in this forum? Give it a rest already.

You're happy to pay $120 on an unavailable tire, even if it only lasts 2,500 miles. I got 11,000 miles off of my last two Heidenau 140s that cost me $192. Math was never my strong suit, but that's not a puzzler.
Well hello WoodWorks. How are you? Welcome to the Pirelli Scorpion Rally thread.

And you wonder why you keep getting abuse on this forum. I'm not the one getting any abuse here WW!

Some people just don't like that I speak with truth and facts instead of posting nothing but dick-swinging and trolling. You seem to be one of them.

I'm willing to take some flak in order for good info to be on this forum, even if you don't like it. Now go back to your beloved K60 thread, and I'll leave the K60 thread alone by not posting the truth that no one wants to hear in it anymore.
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