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Like margarine?
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Cowboy – Tina said: “aaaaaaw shucks”

Thanks! As for the red ones, I know them by the name of Amanita but it looks like they are basically different names for the same thing, but, eating that particular type was not quite the sort of adventure I was looking for. I have heard they are what Santa’s reindeer eat on Christmas Eve though. The cool thing about them is they grow by the boletus.

My parents have been getting into mushroom hunting and taught me how to identify some of the safe ones. If you are going to be up there anyways, it is pretty cool to find a little addition to dinner. I did eat the puffballs though, threw them in some spaghetti sauce. They are easy to identify, just cut them in half and make sure there are not any patterns in the meat, just consistent white:


njd – Thank you kindly Sir!

perterra - If the bike comes with a radio it is definitely a different story, agreed.

I was also wondering if it is OK to wash a KLR?
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