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Originally Posted by The Griz View Post

You Aussie's have some different things down there.
Of our six States, four of them (and one or maybe both of the Territories) use stickers to indicate currency of registration. In a car you stick it to the windscreen, on a bike it's meant to be displayed "adjacent to the licence plate". It has a printout of the vehicle details - VIN, GVM, make/model/colour, licence expiry date. They're colour-coded - registrations that expire in 2010, for example, are on green stickers and in 2011 are on orange.

Since these things are largely redundant in the days of character-recognising cameras, Western Australia and South Australia no longer use them. I'm sure the others will phase them out soon.

You can see my green label in this old pic of my bike, fixed only semi-legally depending on your interpretation of "adjacent".

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