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Forgive me if this is absurd. It's been a long time since I looked at my Rostra unit but I thought it had a shaft that rotated to pull the cable. I was thinking it would be kinda neat to create your own bowden box on the end of it and set it up so that you eliminated one cable from the cruise. My thoughts were to use a peg on one pully to engage the one beside it. The cables to the carbs would be on a middle pulley, the cable(s) from the throttle would be on one side of that with a peg to engage it, and a disk with a peg would be on the other side to engage it. That latter would be mounted to the shaft while the other two could spin.

Having the double cable setup would mean the carb wheel and the throttle wheel could be connected firmly since the throttle grip would turn and keep cables from slacking and popping out. With just the single throttle cable I thought a small spring would keep tension against the cable and it would not turn with the cruise applying throttle. I did have a problem on cruise with my old GL1800 in that it wanted to turn the throttle and I wanted to hang onto that.
The Rostra unit does have a plastic tube sticking out of it but if you pop the cover off you will find that the end of the tube is attached to a metal washer and that is held by an electro magnet mounted to an encoder that is moved in and out by a ball screw with a small gear belt and pully setup driven by a servo motor. So in other words the motion is linear and not rotating.
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