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Originally Posted by wmax351 View Post
Dave at Recommended service tore me a new one for pounding on the crank sprocket on my /5. To take it off, a good puller is vital. A special one for that job is about $100. Same with the cam sprocket. Replace both while you are at it, otherwise the chain will wear quickly and be exactly where it was before. To put it on, put the crank and front bearing case in the freezer overnight. (ideally the whole engine) Or outside in the cold will do. Put the bearing and the sprocket in the oven to 400*. They should drop on, without any resistance.

The bottom sprocket needs its endplay adjusted to +/- .001, as well as a special tool and a press. Just pull the cam and take it somewhere. Takes them 30 minutes.
Cam sprocket? That all depends on if you have a duplex or simplex chain. The simplex cam sprockets for some reason almost never wear AT ALL. Your chain will last just as long with a used one because their is no difference usually between a used one and a new one. I am going on my experience as a pro wrench AND the accumulated experience of all the mechanics that I have worked with at a number of very busy dealerships. Not to mention what I gleaned as a child and young adult hanging out, helping, and working in my dad's BMW dealership.

It doesn't take any special tools other than some feeler gauges to set the camshaft end play.
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