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Originally Posted by Tiffany View Post
Yes, I know I'm extremely lucky to get this job- it's a dream come true, especially with such a fantastic destination as Tibet.
Our route is taking us from London, through France, Begium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran (with Yanks alongside!), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Tibet to Everest, then back up into China to Beijing where we fly home from.
As anyone who's crossed some of the above borders knows ... with a bike it's a massive paperwork hassle. My guess is Tiffany will earn her money getting ten riders and bikes through some of those countries. I hope you've got plenty of "Fixers" in place and have brushed up well on your Russian, Farsi and Chinese!

Globebusters must have some serious "connections" to get Bikes into China. I thought the importing of foreign bikes was generally illegal? How does that work?

Are you allowed to discuss the cost of the Globebusters Tibet Tour here?

Good luck and safe travels!
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