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Originally Posted by jackpiner57 View Post
Hey Rhino, I am not making the side mounts for the Gas Packs and I took the one on my bike off. The DRZ's aluminum subframe twists and flexes way too much. Twelve lbs. hanging on one side is not a good idea in my opinion. The wider the rack is, the more leverage the Gas Pack's weight exerts on the rack and subframe. The DR might handle this a little better with it's steel subframe, but I still don't like the idea.

What width are you thinking for a DR rack? The exhaust shield is certainly doable, as is a center mount plate for the RotopaX Pack Mount.

I have been busy with other fabricating work and haven't had a chance to develop the DR rack yet. I need someone to bring me their unmodified stock original DR for me to design it. Of course whoever brings it will get a free rack.

Tom,....I would like a rack 17 inches wide and extend back 12 inches beyond the rear of the seat. I would like to see pannier racks intagrated into this, coming down 12 inches, starting right in front of the turn signals and going to the rear of the plastic side covers on both sides ( I like my soft luggage as far back and as high as possible). I feel the subframe of the DR would be sturdy enough to carry a 1gal. Rotopax if it is mounted as high and as close to the fender as possible.

I wish I was close enough to loan you my DR, but im 1/2 way across the country.

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