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Really nice work, indeed.

No issues visable on first sight, is your head mounted with or without a

My bike did not have amy, older ones - but not so old as yours - had a
copper gasket.

Very interesting for me too, you have "omly" have 6 fasteners, the newer
ones had 8, (4 bolts 14 mm and 6 screws M13), with a fixed sequence
which to get loose first abd which had to thighten first, ... (you have to
switch frm 13 to 14 ... all the time, ... very time-consuming.

If you have a gasket, try to use a very sharp cutter blade and carfully
plane the exessive color away.

To plane the cylinderhead , the cylinder om top or base or parts of it
should IMHO not be done by hand, no grinding, no self milling by hand.
To plane the head or the cylinder it is a job that has to be done by a

I am too a little bit jaleaus about the good status of your gear selector
and tumbler, mine where broken and it took a lot of time to find a new
replacement one.

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