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The one serious motor vehicle accident I've had in over 20 years driving was in a car, near my house. Person fully stopped in their lane to make a left turn, then for some reason tried to beat me across mine right as I got to them. T-boned 'em at 50mph maybe, totalled both cars, but I walked away with only a tiny fabric burn on my arm from the airbag. I started riding very recently, and every time I ride past that turn on my bike I think about how differently that might go if it happened right now, ATGATT or no. Live or die, it ain't gonna be no fabric burn..

Gotta weigh your priorities and think about who you love, who loves you and depends on you, and the risk level you - and maybe they - are comfortable living with. It may be heresy on these boards but it's quite possible there's more to your life, and more important things in your life, than motorcycles.

I'm not saying hang up your helmet, not even suggesting it. Just saying, I'll understand if you do.
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