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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
Im not particualrly crazy about running either but it builds endurance, keeps my weight down and gives me another challange that I have never risen to; Marathon.
At my size and weight, its a little tricky. WAYYYY easier for a 5'4 120 dood to run 26 miles.... a little tougher for a 6'3 220 guy. BUT.... if I was 210.....

Raced the "Enduro" today. It was.... hmmm .... interesting. There were some problems in the race that prompted a restart but not after an hour or so of racing.
I would have to say the riders were to blame as much as the club that put it on but more on that later. Ill start a vid tonight.... stay tuned.

I've run prolly a dozen Marathons. Its not that hard to do IF you find a good training program and stick to it. You think that running a Marathon is unique until you run the LA marathon with 40,000 other people........seriously.
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