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We arrive in Monteverde about the time the sun goes down, not sure what time it is. We don't take watches with us on vacation and our cell phones didn't work down here, which is fine by us, early settlers only watched the sky to let them know when it was time to get up and go to bed.
We pull into the tourist info center to get details on where is fuel and a place to stay.
Just as we shut the bike off this guy walks up to us and offers us a place to stay, hands us a flyer for his new hotel he just built. We're nervous, in the states if someone walks up to you and offers help, you're usually nervous.
Not sure if this could mean trouble we start to quiz him.
Where is your hotel?
Just down the road.
Where can I get fuel?
There is no fuel here, but I know a guy.
What is your name?
Looking at the flyer, his name checks out.
We still decide to ask the info center. They don't know this guy, but he is correct. Only one man in town sells fuel.
At some point you have to throw caution to the wind and trust someone.
Thorston at Wild Riders had said that Tico's are genuinely nice and almost all have cell phones.
Alright Freddy we'll give you a shot. So down the road we go following a complete stranger on an old DT175 down the back roads out of town. A short time later we pull up to a hotel built in his own back yard. Looks decent, appears to have about 8 rooms, and looks pretty clean.
We give him the already cheap asking price for the room and move our stuff up stairs.
No A/C, Hey Freddy there might be problem?
No he says, it doesn't get that hot here, you'll be fine.
OK now on to the fuel situation.
He directs me to follow him. I tell Cheryl to stay at the hotel and I follow Freddy out of the yard onto another back road. At some point I'm thinking this is nuts. We just meet this guy and he's overly helpful, but I press on.
Following this smokey 2-stroke through the hills and eventualy into a back alley, making sure not to be able to get trapped we arrive at this house, and the guy already has fuel waiting for me. He must have called ahead.
Now I'm fueled up and feeling alot better we leave this house and take yet another road in a different direction, but we find blacktop and run across what appears to be a corral snake. Freddy stops and then I stop next to him. He replies, did you see that? Know I know we are OK.
It seems that when ever people are interested in wildlife or pets, there generally good people.
Cheryl and I are ready to eat now and we saw an interesting restaurant back in town, built around a tree.

It's called the Tree House. This pic was taken the next morning as we were leaving town.

The food was incredible. I think I had some sort of pizza but Cheryl hit it out of the park with fillet mignon covered in chocolate sauce.

They had a live band with no electrical cords, and they rocked.

There was traditional dancing to go with the music.

They provided such an entertaining atmosphere that we could hardly contain ourselves and were invited up to help with the music. But we stunk that up and were asked to sit back down. jk...

This is Freddy at the Hotel La Puesta Del Sol - we would highly recommend him.

Freddy's dog

One thing to keep in mind if visiting the Santa Elena - Monteverde area. Your high up in the mountains and it is cooler, but very windy. The wind had us up part of the night, it sometimes felt peaceful and other moments made you wonder if the roof would blow off.
Next morning we were up and had declined Freddy's offer to give us a guide to some of the highlights in the area, due to high winds. But he insisted on us staying until he got back from the grocery store.
When he got back he just wanted to see us off. He is a very genuine person and gave us each a hug on departure & wished us best of luck.
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