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Enduralast failure

Sadly, I have a failure to report...

I installed an Enduralast on my R80RT ’83 on Feb 1, 2008. In the summer of 2009, I saw the odd volt spike to 18V, which lasted for a 30 sec span or so, then went away. I have an FAA-approved LED readout on my RT for voltage, so voltage is correct. After 30 secs it would pop back down to 14.2 or so, like flipping a switch. This happened infrequently enough I ignored it. Later in 2010, the occurrences happened more frequently and then one day it “stuck” at 18V, luckily when I was a block away from home. At that point I pulled my spare that I’d carried on the ’86 since 2005 (the G/S, by the way, never had an issue to date) and installed the spare. To my astonishment, the problem was still there. So I pulled the G/S cube from the bike and plugged it in the RT. Problem solved…. Weird. (so I probably rode around the world with a bad spare…)

I have the cubes wired with a similar harness on both bikes, and the spare proved bad on the G/S as well.

So I don’t know how unlucky one get to have a new installed spare be bad, as well as an operational one going bad too.

I exchanged a number of emails and phone calls with John, a process which cost me all credibility I’m afraid with him, as he refused to believe there was a “dual” failure and reasonably he assumed I was in the wrong.

However, he extended the ultimate service and shipped me a new cube, which when installed worked promptly.

I’m about to order a spare again, which I will install in the G/S, and take the “known good” cube as a spare on my next world trip, planning of which is putting a smile on my face these days.
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