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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Anybody else have a headlight height adjustment problem with their D3 fairing? My headlight hits the fairing on the right side at a position that is not high enough to shine down the road properly. It makes the light point at the ground not too far from the front of the bike.

Here's my problem:

I've marked the contact area with duct tape for this photo. Here's a closer look at my issue:

I've owned my D3 for about 6 months now, and been very pleased with it otherwise. I didn't discover the headlight adjustment problem until spring arrived and I began riding at night. Its kind of a "this dog won't hunt" least for me.

I spoke with the TT folks, and they said they've not seen or heard of this problem before. Wanted to see some photos, so I sent them some earlier today. Thought I'd share it with the collective to see if anyone else has encountered this problem also.

After losing some sleep over the issue....action was required. Mustering up the courage following a stiff drink , at High Noon, I pulled my Dremel from its holster and fired a daring shot:

Piece of CAKE! Worked like a charm. The fairing is fine, and I now have plenty of room to swivel the headlight for proper adjustment.

Call me crazy, but now, I can get back to having a good night of sleep!

Armed with a Dremel.....not afraid to use it....... I like it....Great job....

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