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Originally Posted by Rhino081460 View Post
Tom,....I would like a rack 17 inches wide and extend back 12 inches beyond the rear of the seat. I would like to see pannier racks intagrated into this, coming down 12 inches, starting right in front of the turn signals and going to the rear of the plastic side covers on both sides ( I like my soft luggage as far back and as high as possible). I feel the subframe of the DR would be sturdy enough to carry a 1gal. Rotopax if it is mounted as high and as close to the fender as possible.

I wish I was close enough to loan you my DR, but im 1/2 way across the country.

Brad, when I have the time and when someone brings me a DR I will see if those dimensions will work. The rotopax mount in close to the fender just might work with the DR. It will take some R&D work.

I'm too busy with other work right now and to be honest, haven't sold more than a few of the DRZ racks. All of my customers have been very happy with their purchase though. There isn't enough profit at the price I sell them for to be worth turning away other more profitable projects.
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