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Originally Posted by EnderTheX View Post
I ran mine strait to the battery terminals with an in-line fuse, easy. Just don't forget to leave it on overnight!

One other thing I discovered is since I have multiple things going to the battery terminals I had to crank down on the screw pretty hard to get a good connection. Before I did that the bike would do reset noises and the speedo and tach would twitch... bad connection. Getting some dielectric grease for the terminals would be good too.
If it's so easy to wire directly to the battery, why spend the extra $25 and time and trouble hooking up to the accessory plug? Is that answered in the second paragraph above, or are there other good reasons?

Originally Posted by jrwooden
If you feed 12V it a model that wants 5V it will likely ruin your day (and your GPS)!

I've read this elsewhere. But Garmin sells a cable with a 4-pin plug and bare wire ends for direct hookup and the Garmin site shows it on the list of accessories designed for my GPSMap 60CSx. It has an in-line fuse - is that adequate?

I also have a 690 Enduro and need a power option there, too. It doesn't have any fancy-schmancy adaptors built in or CANbus. I was going to hard wire there too.
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