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Originally Posted by Desert Dave View Post
I'll be ordering one of these real soon.

This is my first bike with ABS and it took all of one ride in the dirt to realize how easy the ABS can get you hurt if I forget to turn it off, it'll be nice to have this option on the fly.

Not to hijack this thread to bad or start an ABS war, but I'm finding the ABS really annoying ON road as well if I'm really pushing it. Especially if I'm trail braking into a corner with a few bumps, right when I need to have brake feel the most the pedal starts jacking like Satan is doing pull ups on it trying to throw me off my line. I've only ridden the bike with TKCs, is this contributing to the problem? If this is the best it can do it's far from a transparent system.
It's not the TKC's. I have the stock tires, which are really street tires with a slightly deeper tread, and it can be bad. I live in Edmonton at the moment and the roads here are 3rd world. I don't even have to be riding that aggresively to set off the ABS on a rough patch.

I know it's cool to have ABS on a bike, and it probably even helps in some situations, but the jury is still out for me. All my previous bikes were non-ABS and they seemed to work just fine.

I have a few other bits to aquire first, but I will get to this switch for sure.

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