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After leaving Monteverde we are stil unsure where we are going to end up next, but we have to have some general idea of where to aim.

We stop here for some wholesome breakfast items. This is the first time breakfast was served on our schedule. Most hotels serve breakfast between 8-9a, it forces you to slow down, the lifestyle there is more easygoing, less stress - no suprise there when you think about it.

The ride down the mountain was alot of fun. It was steep, allowing us to cut the engine, save gas, but more importantly, enjoy the view in silence, we make it to the black top and find a real gas station. You pull up, get off bike and they fill her up. All the money exchanges right there in front of you, get back on bike, and pull forward. Almost like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

I like energy drinks, this one is new to me.

Has the strength of what appears to be 5 D battery's

Not that great tasting, but I did finish it.
All recharged

The maps came out and interest peaked from onlookers, maybe it was the bike. A 650 is a huge deal down here. Seems everyone is excited when they spotted ours. Nonetheless a guy riding a xr200 came over to ask about the bike and then provided directions.
Tamarindo is a town on the North-West side of the country on the beach. that looks like it would be nice, but we heard that it was a little on the expensive side, maybe we'll take the interstate 1 up to Libera and stay there for the night as it might be cheaper, then we'll be able to see Tamarindo the following day and not have to spend the night there.
Ok, we have a plan. Where's interstate 1? The guy points to the road in front of us. That's not an interstate, it's just a 2 lane paved road.
He say's, NO, good road, Maybe 3 - 3 1/2 hours, you'll be there.
And we're off. Wait this sign says it's interstate 3. We stop. Look at the maps, pull out the gps. The gps confirms that this is in fact interstate 3 and no highway 1 on it. This has got to be the right road.

I find some of the homes down here interesting

Another road side stop, as it is really hot and we need to get something other than water to drink. coke a cola. A group of guys sitting outside this bar are throwing a few back, Oh-yeah, it's Friday.

As we sit there trying to cool off with our drinks, we hear something large coming down the road and it doesn't sound good.

This big fellow was getting pretty hot himself and demanded it was time for a break as well.

Another road side break and interest point, a concrete bull.

And yet the most interesting place on the whole trip.

Arizona. We're almost home, don't let the dog jump in the bag.

Future motorcyclist, also interested in the big 650

We skip Libera, due to the fact the town really didn't have anything that interesting. Cars and buses overtaking each other, everyone seems to be in a rush. About 5 hours later we reach Tamarindo. I know the guy said 3-3 1/2 hours, but to be honest this wasn't the first time we heard this.
Makes you wonder what American movie they saw that line in. Like in Mr. Mom. 220-221, whatever it takes. We've started laughing about it at this point.

Butts are sore and we stink. We talked to a surfing school who directed us to a place that was affordable. If going down here yourselves, you will find that people here try and help you every way they can with directions or where to stay and eat.
The guy hands us a sticker for the bike as we leave.
Sorry to say we didn't make it to this guys recommended hotel. We saw one close to the beach and we are just done riding today.

They have large yard that is secured and on the second attempt we get A/C.

After showering and cooling down we decided to go take a walk on the beach and have a swim. We opted to leave the camera in our room, I think mainly do to exhaustion. We swam and found a nice restaurant to eat and watch the sun get swallowed up by the Pacific. And after a few drinks we stroll back to our room to get some much needed rest.
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