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Originally Posted by moosemeat View Post
Jist got frame back from powdercoater, all ducati red, everything else all gloss black including the final drive housing, rims and hubs. Nipple bolts polished to high luster. The motor and trans are oem perfect condition and spotless. 515(purchase price)+750(powdercoater fee)+ 30 hour of driving parts around and cleaning with a golf club brush = 3 offers already from local bmw shops for over 4 grand. the fuel cell was half full of fuel when i tore her down. was heat damage to bike not raw fire. So running your mouth here with out knowing what i know is well, fill in the blank. "Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups." Pictures of the bike and frame are on the way guy. I promise you will be frothing at the mouth .....and ass....
did you check frame for straightness before spending that $750??? Have any clue how many HP2's I've discovered untrue frames on? I'd have spent good money on the HPN frame mod if you plan on using the bike as the HP2 was meant to, BMW kind of went a little weak in the frame dept for a real offroad/dual sport machine and HPN can make it significantly better not only in the robust factor but better handling too.

I hope it turns out to be a gem for you, but if you want to get your panties in a wad because I would have passed then get over yourself, I've passed on alot prettier projects then that because I don't do anything half-assed

Ok so this AM I looked up just the parts that are required for replacement in the pictures or items mentioned in this thread to include all body work, tank, gauge cluster, air box and all plastic rubber associated with it, grips, headlight assembly, seat and wiring harness. The total was over $5700 at retail with no labor, transport or refurbishing of existing stuff and there is sure to be a lot of piss ant stuff like fasteners and a sensor here and there that will need replacing. This is going on the ASSumption as the OP put it that everything else will be just hunky dory.

I'm all for a hobby and have torn down my own HP2 twice, but one thing is for certain and that is the lack of extra parts sitting at bike junk yards or Ebay means not a lot of inexpensive parts solutions for a project like this.
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