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Originally Posted by motoged View Post
I am glad you enjoyed the story and visuals .

Your dream of going south should become a reality before life puts you into that trance that leads us to believe we can't do it.

Set the goal and approach it one step at a time...or just leap into it....know your style and pace and live within it...with the occasional wild transgression :kumbay a

Motorcycles can be the "destination "....or the means to the end.

One dream of mine is to spend several months exploring Mexico and Central America at a leisurely pace, enjoying regional differences, getting my Spanish under control, and being able to say..."Yep, I've done that !" instead of saying "I wish I'd done that!"

Thanks for your comments

Let me know if you need a wing man on your mainland Mexico trip ged, I can always use a little ubication.......
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