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Originally Posted by 'Flagger View Post
Transparant? As in "I don't want to know when the ABS kicks in"?

That would scare me more I think.
No, as in I don't want the ABS to kick in while riding in situations that I don't need it. Turning the ABS off I can ride through the same road pushing just as hard without any ill effects, I don't want ABS to do ANYTHING in those circumstances.

The reason I used the word transparent is that before I got ABS I've always heard the argument that you'll never know you have ABS on the bike until you need it, so it's transparent until it saves you from a certain deadly lock up. So far I haven't found that to be the case as it kicks in long before I need it in some circumstances, and actually makes it harder to hold a constant brake pressure at the limit of traction.
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