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Originally Posted by Aanarchy View Post
If it's so easy to wire directly to the battery, why spend the extra $25 and time and trouble hooking up to the accessory plug? Is that answered in the second paragraph above, or are there other good reasons?

I've read this elsewhere. But Garmin sells a cable with a 4-pin plug and bare wire ends for direct hookup and the Garmin site shows it on the list of accessories designed for my GPSMap 60CSx. It has an in-line fuse - is that adequate?

I also have a 690 Enduro and need a power option there, too. It doesn't have any fancy-schmancy adaptors built in or CANbus. I was going to hard wire there too.

It only depends *how* the power is going into the GPS unit you may have, that's all.

All USB/mini USB ports are 5V

With my Nuvi 765T, I bought a cable that had bare wires on one end, and the appropriate Garmin plug on the other. Not for the mini USB port, but the larger multi-pin connector that goes through the mounting clip.

I bought the OEM BMW accessory GPS adapter plug from F800Depot, and soldered the proper wires together. Works like a charm, no 5Volt thingies need apply.

Now, if I had another model of GPS where there was only a 5V mini USB power plug in, or for some strange reason I wanted to put the power to my GPS through the mini USB port, this is where you would need to make sure you had the correct inline voltage reducer.

I chose to go this route instead of just hardwiring directly to my battery, because I already have a Battery Tender SAE pigtail wired up to the terminals and I don't want to overcrowd the thing. (and I don't need or want to install a secondary multi-accessory fuseblock) Plus the GPS power source plug was already there, so meh.
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