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correct.... the 5.2" fan is larger than the 4" fan....and will not fit the bracket. It is possible to fit the 5.2 into the right side, however there is not enough room for it to be mounted with a bracket, requires attaching directly to radiator transfer tubes.... and its TIGHT fit at best... The bonus is the 5.2" fan pulls almost 50% more air than the 4" at 2.5 inHg

The 5.2" fan is ~$78 bucks

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That part(60035044050) doesn't fit on the right side.!!!


Heat from the new fan will most likely cause the paint and stickers on your right gas tank to bubble up.

This is what happens to older 950 bikes that didnt have a fan cap (60035044050). I had to order one from higher models OEM parts.
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