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We got up with sun and decide to walk around town to get some breakfast.
Nothing opens until 9. We don't want to wait 2 hours, so we make a decision on packing up and ride to the next town.
The hotels down here want you to check out with them, but they didn't open up 'til 9. We take a chance that no one will come into the room and steal towels, left the keys behind, and hit the road.
Taking the road that hugs the shore line we find ourselves in a cul-de-sac. We should have known this, we were here last night. But, on the way back out we see a restaurant that just opened. We're the first customers for the day.

This is Wendy, she works here and was a very good hostess

This is what breakfast looked like

We asked her about the roads. They didn't seem all that bad. Everyone who we talked to, or whatever we read about, talked about how bad the roads are. We didn't think they were all that bad considering they're mainly dirt and built on the coast.
She was very interested in our travels & excited to hear we had been going all over Costa Rica and had no plan to our plans. After we asked if she was interested in traveling the U.S., she told us about how her sister had tried, but was denied on a couple of occasions. She would like to come here, but it's very hard to obtain a visa, and doesn't want to put forth the none refundable fee and get rejected like her sister.
Her sister never got a reason to why she was denied.
She explained to us that the rainy season hasn't officially started yet and so during the dry season they do all the repair work in preparation for the next season. (Incidentally, if you want to ride on great roads, come right before rainy season starts!)
We find ourselves leaving at 9:30, forced into the time schedule of the Tico's....
Making are way out of town, for real this time.
We find yourselves lost, yet again. This time we're not sure which way is North or West.
Being that that the roads are so poorly marked we see a sign to head toward Lagarto. With this bit of information, we look at the maps, because the gps is not helping us out here, we figure we must be in Veintisiete de Abril. This is good to know. Following the sign takes us to an intersection, turn right stays on blacktop, but no no sign at the end of the road that way, going straight takes us through a neighborhood and onto a dirt road. Thinking we're going South we head that way. The road narrows and starts to climb into the mountains, the trail starts to get rougher and we begin to think this road doesn't go anywhere. We stop at the top of the ridge to look at the maps again.

About the time we are about to turn back a young boy in his teens comes up the road, we don't really understand his spanish, but we think he says the road goes through. The road gets rougher yet, it appears we are on a wide hiking trail. We pass some homes, they don't appear to be more than a shanty of sorts, basic shelter. We here the most wretched screams, they go through our spines and reaction is to throttle hard to get away from what ever is making that noise, bike starts to fishtail a bit and we make it a little farther away, stop to see what it was, we spot another home buried in the jungle and then we see it. That has to be the biggest pig we have ever seen.
Apparently not all big things live in Texas. The road ends on a hill with a tree laying down in front of us. A guy came over from off of his porch and confirmed, the road ends here.
Heading back to town we find another road that takes into the jungle once again. this time it dumps us out on a paved road, we've got it now. Passing some guys working on a motorcycle they wave at us and we return the wave, I'm getting a bad feeling we're heading North, the bike comes to a stop, the maps come out, the gps is turned on, and I'm not trusting this gps. Where going the wrong way. We turn around and pass the same guys working on the bike, waves are exchanged and we continue, until hitting that stupid little town again. That has to be the right way, the bike does a u-turn (I think it's starting to do it on it's own now) and we pass the guys working on the bike again for the third time. We wave, but this time they just stare at us. God, I hope we don't have to go back this way.
Sure enough we are going in the right direction now. The blacktop ends and where back on the dirt. We prefer this as it allows you to slow down and stop without feeling like your going to get run over.

Someone's property up in the hills

Took some time to have some fun with these statues

The humidity drops a bit as we get closer to the ocean.

One without the bike

Through another town of unknown name

We arrived just in time to see a player get injured. the teams work together to get the injured man off the field and quickly return to their game. Man these guys are hard core.

We make it to Playa Samara

Cheryl's stomach is bothering her and wants a Sprite or something like that.
Just across the street we see a restaurant and decide to go see what they have.

Ahora Si

And this is Sabina the owner

That's right, a vegetarian restaurant. Who convices us that it's not a soda we want, but an all natural drink. (watermelon, mango, papaya, banana smoothies, whatever your heart desires.)
She's right, we are feeling much cooler and more energized.
She's actually from Italy, and moved down here to run this restaurant, pursuing her dream, and also as a way to support her vegan life, and try to pass this information on to others.
She's not pushy, but makes valid points, and doesn't get upset with the fact I'm going to eat meat. She was very funny & we ended up staying much longer than we planned.
Cheryl's starting to feel better.

Continuing to head South

We find a section of beach to ride on.

After leaving the beach we start to here a weird noise from the bike. We have to stop and take a look, this isn't our bike.

That's the chain roller, it was sitting on top of the swingarm at the pivot point. It just ripped off the frame. I guess the roads are pretty rough.

We fear that this could become a problem, the frame could start to crack, and more importantly, this isn't our bike.
But this place is too interesting to just pass by.

It's the Pizza Tree in La Jabilla, Coyote. the place is run and operated by a guy, originally from Canada, who moved here 20 years ago. He makes a mean pie, in a real brick oven.

And one of his kids serves us in the tree house.

After our dinner we went down to talk to this guy some more. Had to ask, why a tree house? As a kid he built many tree houses in Canada, business was getting slow for him and so with some free time he built this.
He was also responsible for building most of the road that we road in on.
He gave us some recommendations on where to stay tonight as it was starting to get very late.
We hope we made it to the place he recommended, it was late and dark now. We pulled into this ranch like hotel and out of the dark came the owner. We asked him how much the rooms where, but he insisted we look at it first. It's clean and has A/C, we're happy, but he's not satisfied, he wants to show us more, but it's dark and we're tired. He takes us around the back to show us the patio, I don't see anything. How much for the room? We give him the asking price, retreat to a cool shower, and a nice firm bed that welcomed our aching bodies.
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