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Thanks - clearest answer I've seen. The point about crowding the terminals is a good one. I've got pigtails on both bikes, more for running the 12V air compressor on the trail. The 690 has no handy accessory plug and the wires on the Garmin adaptor are super thin, so I'm going to go that route for now and carry extra terminal screws. I'll get the adaptor for the 800.


I carry a little 12v air compressor on longer trips too, and wanted a "universal" power source at the ready. The SAE pigtail is great because I can simply plug in whatever I want to use, at any given time.

In my tankbag, I have a regular 12v cigarette type socket with SAE terminal on the other end, and can plug in a compressor, attach a set of mini jumper cables for another bike, power a twin USB-out adapter plug, a little 75watt AC adapter, or even plug in my GPS 12v cable that came with my Nuvi for car use. (in case the hardwire cable ever gets damaged or the bike's CanBus controlled GPS outlet ever goes wonky, nice to have a simple 12v source capable backup)

In fairness to beammeup's suggestion, I too, thought briefly of saving the 25.00 or so bucks for the OEM BMW plug, but in all honesty I like the nice fit and finish of the end result, and was suspicious of my skill at jabbing tiny bare wires into the holes and holding them there with tape

Visions of sticking a fork in a wall outlet came to mind
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