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Originally Posted by dirtbikeslob View Post
i seem to remember seeing a tool( somewhere on the web or maybe in my dreams )that depresses the valves, enough to remove the shim,when reshimmig the valves,looked pretty simple and saved having to dissassemble cams,but you must ensure motor@TDC

I think if you depressed the springs (and valves) at TDC enough to replace a shim, the valve would hit the piston. There is very little clearance there hence the dishes cut into the pistons so the piston doesn't smash into the valves. Perhaps this is doable at 180* of TDC but you will still have to be carefull with the little valve keepers not moving out of place.
It really is quite easy to R&R the rocker shaft. With the valve cover off, I could change a shim in <10 min.
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